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Metal Detector IndonesiaMetal Detector Indonesia
Metal Detector Indonesia Menjual Metal Detector, Checkweigher, x ray, Magnet, Public Safety Metal Detector
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Jl. Radin Inten II No. 62 Duren Sawit
Jakarta Timur 13440, Jakarta

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Metal Detector SQ/ SQTA
HargaKompetitif dan berkualitas
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Cara PembayaranTransfer Bank (T/T), Tunai
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Kemas & PengirimanBox
Negara AsalJerman
Protective device for crushers, grinders and other machines

The SQ ( single probe) and SQTA ( tandem probe) series of metal detectors are designed to provide protection and monitoring. They are used in all situations where a warning must be given about disruptive and harmful pieces of metal in the material being conveyed.

Applications of SQ and SQTA metal detectors: Quarries, Lime works, Clinker works, Sand pits, Cement factories, Slag processing, Building material recycling, Brickworks, Coal-burning power stations.

* Self-adjusting
* Extremely simple to install
* Iron oxide and ore are ignored
* Both ferrous and non-ferrous metals are detected
* Automatic self-monitoring
* Can be used in the proximity of frequency converters
* Minimum distance between probe and motors or magnets only 1 metre
* Probe and amplifier solidly built for immunity to vibration and therefore resistant to weather, dirt and impact of stones

The probe is compactly embedded in a solid panel made of rigid PVC and is manufactured to suit the belt width. It is therefore quick and easy to install at the conveyor belt. Single and tandem probes are available. The panel-shaped single probe SQ is fitted under the belt. The tandem probe SQTA consists of 2 probe panels, one fitted under the belt and the other above the belt by means of spacers. The tandem probe SQTA is recommended in particular for deep layers of conveyed material or high sensitivity requirements. The spacers of the tandem probe are manufactured to suit the depth of material conveyed. This arrangement can still be modified after installation by simply adapting the spacers. Similarly the single probe can be converted into a tandem probe by simply purchasing and fitting a second probe and two spacers.

The sensitivity determines the minimum size of metal parts which can be detected. Depending on the individual model and the sensitivity setting, metal parts down to the size of M6 nuts or the size of excavator teeth are detectable. The unit can be integrated into an existing plant control
system without any extra components. An On and Off button and a contactor for the conveyor belt motor are generally present. The output relay for the metal signal can be switched between normally relaxed and normally activated mode. On request an extended terminal strip can be supplied, which permits direct connection of a flashing warning light, an alarm horn or a marking device.

Metal Detector Indonesia.
Jl. Radin Inten II No. 62 Duren Sawit Jakarta Timur
Phone: ( 021) 8690 6777, 8690 6771
Fax: ( 021) 8690 6770
Hp: 0816 1740 8986
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